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Academic Support

We at Mullen High School want to ensure success for every student that enters our doors.  Our academic supports provide students with what they need to be successful.

Mullen High School offers four school-wide accommodations. Please note, even though other academic recommendations may be listed in the professional evaluation, Mullen only provides the following accommodations:
  • Extended time on tests (time and a half)
  • Access to quiet testing space
  • A copy of peer or teacher notes (study purposes only)
  • Preferential seating in classes 

Academic support offered to students with accommodations who need further assistance includes:
  • National Honor Society tutoring (available to all Mullen students)
  • Assistance in applying for College Board and ACT accommodations

List of 3 items.

  • Accommodations

    Accommodations are supports that remove barriers and provide a student with equal access to learning. Accommodations don’t change what a student is learning, but  how a student is learning.
  • De La Salle (DLS)

    DLS is designed for students who demonstrate a need for additional academic support initially,  but have the ability to succeed in a college preparatory (CP) environment.

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  • Summer Bridges

    Mullen High School provides students in the class of 2028 with a summer experience that is uncommon in the Denver area. Discover the options we have for academic enrichment prior to starting in Fall 2024. 

    Learn More.